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*Opera-mini-3.2-lm [58Kb]
Low Memory version of the Opera Mini Internet Browser. Use this if you have a simple phone and you get "Insufficient Memory" message when visiting sites

*Opera-mini-3.2 [97Kb]
The lowest available version. Start with the latest (currently 5.1) and move downwards if you have problems.

*Opera-mini-4.2-blackberry [126Kb]
Opera Mini for Black Berry Phones.

*Opera-mini-4.2 [126Kb]
This version of Opera Mini was very stable and is a balanced mix of features and compatibility. Supports most older java phones. Try this before trying version 3.2

*Opera-mini-5.1 [267Kb]
The best free, full internet browser for java based mobile phones. Latest version at the time of writing.

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