Aircel WAP GPRS Settings for India

Account Name
*Pocket Internet
Use Proxy
Proxy Server
Proxy Port
*(Leave Blank)
*(Leave Blank)
Data Bearer
*Packet Data/GPRS
Prompt Password
Network Type
IP Address
DNS Address
Session Type
Data Compression
Header Compression
Note: This will activate the default 10Paise/10Kb Pocket Internet for Aircel. This is a WAP service. If you want to use GPRS to browse internet on your PC or Laptop, you have to subscribe to the GPRS pack. Please see The Aircel Web Settings on the main GPRS Settings page for details.
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Field Name Variants.
Account Name = Connection Name
That means "Account Name" is same as "Connection Name" in some devices
APN = Access Point Name
Proxy Server = Gateway IP = Server IP
Proxy Port = Server Port = Port
Homepage = MMS Server = MMS Relay
DNS = Domain Name Server
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